RadarRadar's strategic collaboration with Commodities People.



RadarRadar supports the commodity industry by navigating clients through the fog of data and risks. However, as change can be daunting, RadarRadar has found a key ally in Commodities People to provide comfort, trust, and transparency within their message. Through active sponsorship of events and collaboration on a successful Risk Webinar, RadarRadar has not only increased its industry presence but has also become a leader in driving the commodity industry towards a more data-centric future. This partnership effectively overcame the fear to change, positioning RadarRadar at the forefront of progress and success.


The primary obstacle for RadarRadar is the fact that, even though the commodity industry needs to become data-driven to thrive, many businesses find it difficult to adapt to new technologies and methodologies. This hesitancy to embrace change hindered their ability to take essential steps towards modernisation and efficiency.


RadarRadar found a strategic partner in Commodities People, a platform that allowed them to connect with industry peers and share insights. By actively sponsoring various Commodities People events in Europe and the US, RadarRadar leveraged these opportunities for learning and growth. A significant milestone was the collaboration with the Commodities People team to organise a Risk Webinar. This initiative demonstrated Commodities People's commitment to understanding and assisting in achieving RadarRadar's goals through innovative methods.


The partnership with Commodities People has yielded significant benefits for RadarRadar. Their involvement in Commodities People events and the successful Risk Webinar has not only increased their industry presence but also aligned with their vision of progress and success. This collaboration has been instrumental in overcoming the industry's resistance to change, positioning RadarRadar as a leader and industry expert in driving the commodity industry towards a more data-centric future.