KYOS Partnering with Commodities People: Enhancing Market Presence.



Facing the challenge of reaching and engaging their target audience in the energy and commodities sectors, the company partnered with Commodities People. This collaboration included active participation in key events, networking opportunities, a feedback mechanism, and effective email marketing. The results have been significant: the company established a strong industry presence, increased event attendance through email campaigns, and gained valuable feedback for refining their approach. This fruitful partnership continues to enhance market presence and audience connection.


The primary challenge was to effectively reach and engage with our core audience in the energy and commodities sectors. This required a platform that not only allowed us to showcase our market presence but also provided opportunities for networking and sharing our expertise with industry professionals.


Our collaboration with Commodities People enabled us to participate in significant industry events like Commodity Trading Week Europe and Energy Trading Week in London. These events, organised by Commodities People, offered a diverse and engaged audience, ideal for showcasing our presence and making valuable industry connections. Key aspects of our collaboration included:

  • Active Participation in Events: By participating in these events with presentations, we gained a platform to share our knowledge and expertise.
  • Networking Opportunities: The events included sufficient time for networking, allowing us to connect with industry professionals and potential clients.
  • Feedback Mechanism: The post-event debriefs with Commodities People provided valuable insights and feedback, enhancing our future participation.
  • Email Marketing: Utilising Commodities People’s email database service, we promoted our initiatives, such as webinars, effectively increasing attendance and engagement.


The collaboration has yielded significant benefits:

  • Established Industry Presence: Our participation in these events has solidified our status as industry experts in valuation, optimisation, and risk management within the energy and commodities sectors.
  • Increased Engagement and Attendance: The email campaigns resulted in a notable increase in attendance at our events, demonstrating effective audience reach.
  • Insightful Feedback: The feedback received post-events has been instrumental in refining our approach and offerings.

In conclusion, our partnership with Commodities People has been instrumental in enhancing our market presence and connecting us with our target audience. We are enthusiastic about continuing this fruitful collaboration.