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How long has Commodities People been in business?

We have supported and served the energy and commodity trading sector across the globe, since 2009, through our series of industry leading business events and impartial content. We have a 15 year track record of delivering high level events and building communities in the energy and commodity trading sector.

Why partner with Commodities People?

Commodities People provides the most efficient and cost effective multi-channel route to market for those looking to be seen, heard, and to increase sales. By working with us you not only gain from our deep and unique experience and expertise, but also benefit from our brand reputation and neutrality, as well as taking advantage of our enormous database, network and reach.

How can you assist us in gaining visibility with others?

When you partner with Commodities People, you get to leverage our extensive database, extensive network, and wide reach to ensure your message resonates with the right audience. Can your products and services be tailored to meet our specific requirements? Yes we do work on customised solutions and collaborate very close with our partners and clients.

How extensive and high-quality is your network?

We have a database of over 250,000+ of which 61% are trading firms (traders, producers and consumers), 15% are intermediaries (financial and logistical services) and 24% are Solution Providers (technology providers and advisory firms).

What is the process when working with Commodities People to enhance our marketing and business development strategy?

Collaborating with Commodities People to bolster your marketing and business development strategy involves a multi-step process tailored to your unique business needs. Every business is unique, and our process is flexible to accommodate your specific needs and challenges. Our goal is to partner with you to create a dynamic, results-driven strategy that propels your business forward in the energy and commodities markets.

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