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Why Sponsor?


Your business needs are unique and can be complex so ideally we’d love to know more about what they are before making any claims of why you should sponsor.

Contact us now for a free consultation.

“Lot of useful information regarding Back office functions and ideas how to optimise the time and functions”


Powerful and lasting impression

“Very illuminating Summit both for topics and people I knew! Thank you very much for your kindness”


Make a powerful and lasting impression with the elusive elite

Want to be more than another person with another business card? Be a part of the event and address some of the industries key influencers as peers as well as prospective partners.

Build interest in your brand in a dedicated way to a dedicated audience

We don’t just place your logo on a brochure and online then see you at the event. We insist in getting you involved in the pre-event marketing campaign so that on the day, your audience not only knows who you are, but are aware of how you can help them.

Have a greater control on who you will meet

We understand that placing your business goals in the hands of an event partner can sometimes present a risk. For this reason not only do we aim to be as transparent as possible about who we are targeting but we also encourage our partners to tell us who they want to meet. We can then make the necessary arrangements to ensure they are there.

Achieve Your Goals

There are many more reasons to work with us to achieve your goals, contact us today for more details.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities and ways to promote your business through the event please contact:​

Ben Hillary
+44 207 111 1615

“Good calibre people, and a number of interesting presentations. The formula to keep the group together works really well for networking purposes. A productive visit!”


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