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What's New In 2019? Technology

100% increase in technology only content

New Perspective

New perspectives on popular topics

Whats New

Practical applications of innovative theory

New Speakers

60% new speakers on the programme


New steering committee in control

100% Increase in Operations Only Content

Specific topics around digitalisation and innovation form the core of the technology stream this year. To facilitate all the activity in this arena, we have expanded the technology stream to cover a complete day of 8 sessions on the 11 th October, as opposed to what has previously been a half day stream of 3-4 sessions.

New topics for this year include:

  1. Making digitalisation practical: What does energy market change mean and how can innovation support it?
  2. Utilizing and implementing the latest technology for your data science journey
  3. Industry response – How can we reduce fragmentation and improve efficiency through common standards in C/ETRM?
  4. What are the top 10 innovation trends in energy trading today?
  5. Developing and optimising your technology infrastructure for the era of automated trading

New Perspectives on Popular Topics

Whilst the digital revolution has created a number of new areas for us to examine, ETOT 2019 has also been structured in such a way that topics examined in previous years which remain of importance are assessed from a fresh perspective.

Some examples of these include:

  1. Balancing innovation and security in the cloud
  2. Case Study: The Uniper data lake project – advances and learnings of the past year and a futureplanned innovation
  3. Evolution in the ETRM world – how are buyer requirements and the vendor landscape changing?
  4. Applying AI to operational challenges – real success stories vs hype

Practical Application of Innovative Theory

As an industry we have moved on from asking “What is Cloud/AI/ML/Algo, and is this a good thing?”, what is all important now is “Of all the innovations taking place, which of these have the greatest scope to practically bear fruit for my organisation, and deliver a genuine return on investment”.

With this in mind, every session is crafted to look at practical application of new technologies, and look at the practical, real life issues associated with their implementation. The summit also includes a greater number of industry case studies than ever before.

60% New Speakers on the Programme

The speaker lineup for ETOT 2019 already consists of 50% new speakers (or having not contributed for at least 2 years). With many more in the process of confirming their involvement and presentations, this will grow to at least 60%. New speakers and perspectives at this stage include thought leaders from Gazprom M&T, Uniper, EFET, ENEL, Centrica, ERG, Axpo, ECC, RWE, ComTech Advisory, Ørsted and many others.

New Steering Committee in Control

For the first time, ETOT 2019 has been developed in ongoing collaboration with a highly involved and proactive steering committee, made up of business and technology leaders from Uniper, Axpo, RWE, EFET amongst others. We are further supported by a wider informal advisory group consisting of representatives from Vattenfall, OMV, Endessa, Ørsted, Engie, Edison and other thought leaders in the space.

Through their involvement ETOT 2019 has been, and will be able to make greater use of industry networks, and can draw on a combined 300+ years of industry knowledge and contacts, to ensure delivery of the most significant ETOT yet!

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