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What's New In 2019? Operations

175% increase in operations only content

New Perspective

New perspectives on popular topics


Collaboration + Standardisation = Progress

New Speakers

60% new speakers on the programme


New steering committee in control

175% Increase in Operations Only Content

In addition to the usual topics of critical importance around the world of OTC trading, this year expands on those, and also for the first time introduces a dedicated stream focused on the exchange traded business. As a result, the operations stream now consists of a full day of streamed sessions, with 11 unique presentations, compared to that has in previous editions been half a day with 4 presentations.

New topics this year include:

  1. OTC vs exchange-traded – What is the future of OTC trading on standard products?
  2. Lean management: Practical benefits and learning from implementation in support functions
  3. Increasing numbers of counterparties – implications for the back office
  4. Managing default – lessons from the past year
  5. Margin calculations and segregation – Achieving better control
  6. Addressing the challenges of ETD reconciliation – the financial trading perspective

New Perspectives on Popular Topics

While many subjects and industry initiatives remain as important today, as in previous years, they have in most cases seen significant advances in the last year. Based on that, in 2019 we will focus on the latest developments in these spaces and what it means practically for the trading firms, and for the industry as a whole. Some of those topics include:

  1. What are the core challenges faced by the back office today – and what practical solutions do we see?
  2. Electronic settlement matching eSM – Progress towards the next major industry standardisation
  3. RPA – real user experiences and practical learnings gained so far
  4. Trade surveillance 2.0 – Implementation best practises
  5. Europe’s new energy market design
  6. Digitalisation in the back office – the human factor
  7. Exchanges and clearing partners: What are the plans for the future?

Collaboration + Standardisation = Progress

The theme of ETOT 2019 is Collaboration + Standardisation = Progress – what this means practically is that there will be a significant focus on the industry initiatives and working groups, taking place at national and international levels, formal and informal – the results they are delivering in standardising processes and systems, the practical benefits, and how you might also potentially become involved with these; making European energy trading a more efficient environment in which to operate.

60% New Speakers on the Programme

The speaker lineup for ETOT 2019 already consists of 50% new speakers (or having not contributed for at least 2 years). With many more in the process of confirming their involvement and presentations, this will grow to at least 60%. New speakers and perspectives at this stage include thought leaders from Gazprom M&T, Uniper, EFET, ENEL, Centrica, ERG, Axpo, ECC, RWE, ComTech Advisory, Ørsted and many others.

New Steering Committee in Control

For the first time, ETOT 2019 has been developed in ongoing collaboration with a highly involved and proactive steering committee, made up of business and technology leaders from Uniper, Axpo, RWE, EFET amongst others. We are further supported by a wider informal advisory group consisting of representatives from Vattenfall, OMV, Endessa, Ørsted, Engie, Edison and other thought leaders in the space.

Through their involvement ETOT 2019 has been, and will be able to make greater use of industry networks, and can draw on a combined 300+ years of industry knowledge and contacts, to ensure delivery of the most significant ETOT yet!

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