Since 2009, through our series of industry leading business conferences and exhibitions, Commodities People has been proud to support and serve energy and commodity markets across the globe. We achieve this through putting at our core:


  • The highest quality content: All of our conference programs are led by leading and challenger trading firms who provide roadmaps for success, which others can take inspiration from and follow.

  • The most comprehensive networking opportunities: Attended by hundreds of the most influential individuals in energy and commodity markets, participants can be certain to connect with new and old contacts at our events. Through the use of the latest networking technology we ensure that the task of physically meeting with them on site as well as pre/post event is a simple one.

  • A constant eye on the future: Our markets and how they operate are changing dramatically – looking at what works today is not enough; central to all of our programs is the question of what is likely to be happening in the future, and how our attendees can ensure that they thrive in that new environment.


At Commodities People we are truly passionate about energy and commodities, and look forward to you joining us at our upcoming events!

Good opportunity to develop networking & a way to hear about what is happening in our business context.

Back Office Manager, ERG

Europe’s only event, where I can get a feeling about the effectiveness of my company’s operations in comparison to our peers and the possible state of the art!

Head of Treasury, RWE

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